Soap - essential oil

We use essential oils to scent these soaps, and some have benefits beyond just smelling fabulous!  We primarily work with 3 types of soap - Aloe Vera Soap, Goat's Milk Soap & Shea Butter Soap.  In our opinion, they are all equally great - moisturizing, cleansing and great lather.  All 3 are great for sensitive skin - even our most sensitive customers can use our soap!  Ingredients will include the 3 primary listed above, plus coconut oil, glycerin (of vegetable origin), oat protein (moisturizer), safflower oil, sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), palm oil (only way to have a nice hard soap, but don't worry - it's responsibly sourced), and of course sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent - without this, you dont have soap - you have a detergent bar).  Our bars also last far longer than everything else we've tried!  

We try to keep many soaps in stock, ready to go - but there's just no way to have them all on hand, so expect to give us a few days to make your soap if you happen to order one we don't have already made.  We also tend to use multiple soaps (ie: lavender soap with both aloe and goat's milk) and they will vary from batch to batch.  So, if it's really important to you that you get lavender soap that is JUST goat's milk, please let us know, and expect extra time while we make you some.  Designs and colors will also vary - so if you really want your lavender soap to be pink and purple, let us know!  

Boo-Boo soap has our 'Boo-Boo Juice' blend of essential oils and will always be mostly Aloe Soap - we keep a chunk in our first aid kits to wash wounds, bites, stings etc.

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