Rose Otto


Common Name: Rose oil, Rose Otto

Botanical Name: Rosa Damascena

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Parts used: flowers, organic

Method: STEAM distillation

Size: 1ml

Notes: We decided to offer this oil in an affordable size, so everyone can enjoy it.  It is intense and potent.  We suggest a 3% dilution (3 drops per 100 drops of carrier) for that soft, floral aroma we know and love.  The climate and soil in Bulgaria create an extremely unique and desirable oil.  This is NOT solvent extracted!  If you find anything better than this, I'd be pretty shocked!  Prices are on the rise for good rose oil, so our price has had to increase, though we don't even double our money on this oil.  Everyone should be able to enjoy it, not just the rich!

GC/MS: 5.81% Nerol, 24.09% Citronellol, 16.34% Geraniol, 3% Heptadecane, 1.02% Farnesol (cis,cis), 5.43% Hexadecanol, 19.93% Nonadecane, 1.58% Eicosane, 7.53% Heneicosane, 1.50% Tricosane and over 60 others at under 1%.  Full report available upon request.