Uva Ursi
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Uva Ursi

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This extract is a tincture made with organic herbs and organic alcohol, with a 1:1 strength ratio.  Simply take 10 to 20 (or more if you prefer) drops by mouth, or add to a bit of hot sweetened tea and let it sit for 5 minutes to dissipate the alcohol.  Does it taste great? Nope.  We wont lie and tell you that it does.  But it IS great at helping with supporting your bladder and kidneys.  It is well known to help fight infections and inflammation.  Can be safely used several times a day if needed.  Owners tip- I have water ready, squirt the dropper directly into my mouth then fill my mouth with water and swallow, with a few extra drinks of water.  Its fast and the water helps dilute it.  Quick and easy, but if its too much, try the hot tea tip above.

1 ounce bottle with dropper.

Alcohol content 30%

Contains organic Uva Ursi leaf, water, organic alcohol.

Keep out of reach of children