Rose Absolute
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Rose Absolute

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Common Name: Rose absolute

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena Mill. (4 cultivars), fam. Rosaceae

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Parts used: flowers, organic

Size: 1ml

Rosa damascena Absolute has a very floral, sweet, characteristic, deep aroma. Many of our blenders say Rosa damascena Absolute is slightly more appealing than that of Rose centifolia Absolute. Needless to say, the two absolutes are remarkable with only slight differences. Rose Absolute is used very frequently in the industry in products such as perfumes, soaps, aromatherapy blends, and candles to name a few.

Typically the best aroma comes with a 3% dilution, so a little goes a LONG way!

A great way to get the benefits and scent of rose oil but at a more reasonable price.