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Common Name: Rosalina

Botanical Name: Melaleuca ericafolia

Origin: Australia

Parts: Leaf

Method: Steam distilled

Class: Monoterpenol

Size: 10ml

Notes: This cousin to our beloved Tea Tree oil offers many of the benefits but with a slightly safer use especially for the little ones.  Distilled from the leaves means this oil is renewable.  Rosalina is high in linalool, in alpha-pinine, and in the cineoles that make the Eucalyptus oils such effective decongestants and expectorants.  It can be used to calm and relax, especially with children, but it shines when it comes to respiratory and sinus issues.  Testing and research is limited but it is considered by the experts to be a safer alternative to tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint for those under age 10.  Also, if the scent of tea tree makes you cringe, give this a try - we find it far less offensive to our noses!

Much safer alternative for use with dogs than tea tree.