Palo Santo
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Palo Santo

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Common Name: Palo Santo

Botanical Name: Bursera graveolens

Size: 5ml

Parts Used: Wood, aged from fallen trees

Processing: Steam distilled

Origin: Ecuador

Main Chemical Type: Monoterpene/Keytone/Ether

Special Notes: Fresh, intense woody aroma with a slight hint of citrus. The tree of Palo Santo is originally from the dry tropical forests on the coast of the South Pacific, Ecuador being the main country where this tree is found. The Palo Santo Oil is only concentrated and deposited in the interior of the tree trunk. It can takes up to 10 years to produce the oil and to get concentrated in their trunk. Only tree branches that fall naturally from the ground are used to make this oil. The average life of the tree of Palo Santo is between 80 and 90 years.

History - The natives in Ecuador have used it mainly to protect themselves from insects (mosquito) and also in ancestral rituals where shamans use this oil to clear bad energy from the bodies. They also used it to perfume their homes. Also called Holy Wood. Medicinal and spiritual use dates back to the Incas!