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Botanical Name: Leptospermum scoparium

Part: Leaf

Method: Steam distilled

Origin: New Zealand

Size: 5ml

Notes: Almost 31% triketones, flavesone, leptospermone, isoleptospermone and grandiflorone.  The aroma is in a class by itself.  This is one of those oils that is quite special.  Yes, it is also from the bush the bees visit to create the famous manuka honey.  We don't know how long we will have access to this oil. Manuka is a strong antibacterial oil, yet gentler than Tea Tree with less of a 'medicinal' odor. It is proven effective against both strep and staph infections. Testing at the University of Heidelberg show that Manuka is more effective than Tea Tree essential oil when dealing with gram positive bacteria. Both Tea Tree Oil and Manuka Oil also demonstrated a very good antimicrobial efficacy against various antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus species. Research is showing interesting, positive effects with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Manuka is a milder, gentler choice especially when it comes to skin care.  It has almost completely replaced Tea Tree oil in our household. (Christi cant stand the smell of tea tree anyway)

GC/MS: 2.27% a-Cubebene, 5.89% a-Copaene, 2.19% b-Copaene, 3.23% Cadina-1(6),4-diene(10bH), 5.32% b-Selinene, 4.21% a-Selinene, 4.67% d-Cadinene, 18.30% cis-Calamenene, 4.99% trans-Cadina-1,4-diene, 4.99% Flavesone, 5.57% Isoleptospermone, 19.42% Leptospermone, and many more at under 2%.  Full report available upon request.