Mandarin (Yellow)
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Mandarin (Yellow)

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Common Name: Yellow Mandarin

Botanical Name: Citrus deliciosa Tenore

Size: 10ml

Parts Used: Organic peel

Processing: Cold pressed

Origin: Italy

Main Chemical Type: Monoterpene

Common Uses: Mandarin is the most relaxing of all the citrus oils.  Try this in your diffuser... you'll be in heaven!

Special Notes: Oh my goodness!!  If you like citrus oils, you will fall in LOVE with this yellow mandarin!  It's soft, lightly floral and sweet.  It almost reminds me of neroli!  I've been using it in my diffuser and it is divine!  If you want something amazing, but are tired of your typical citrus oils, and are a fan of neroli (except for the price), give this a try - you'll love it!