Mandarin (Green)
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Mandarin (Green)

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Common Name: Green Mandarin

Botanical Name: Citrus deliciosa Tenore

Size: 10ml

Parts Used: Organic peel

Processing: Cold pressed

Origin: Italy

Main Chemical Type: Monoterpene

Common Uses: Mandarin is the most relaxing of all the citrus oils.  Try this in your diffuser... you'll be in heaven!

Special Notes: Oh my goodness!!  If you like citrus oils, you will fall in LOVE with this green mandarin!  It's tart yet sweet, and very refreshing!  I've been using it in my diffuser with a drop of neroli and I think it is one of my favorites!  If you want something amazing, but are tired of orange, lemon and grapefruit, give this a try - you won't be sorry!!