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Common Name: Lemon

Botanical Name:  Citrus limon

Size: 10ml

Parts Used: organic peel

Processing: expressed

Origin: Italy

Main Chemical Type: Monoterpene

Common Uses: Germacide, astringent, disinfectant, air freshener.  Reduces fever, cellulite and oily skin and hair.  Immune stimulating, circulatory stimulant. Fights mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness and nervous tension.  Increases alertness and concentration.  Improves leukocyte formation and lymphatic functions.  Research shows that vaporized lemon oil can kill meningococcal bacteria in 15 minutes as well as typhoid bacilli, staphylococcus aureas, diphtheria, tuberculosis and even pneumococcus bacteria.  

Special Notes: Italian lemon is preferred over California lemons for odor and quality. This is not a cheap Lemon oil, it's just too good to be used simply as a cleaning agent.   Limonene 71%, b-pinene 12%, g-terpinene 9%, sabinene 2%, myrcene 1.3%, a-thujene .36%.