Lavender (Bulgarian, wild, high altitude)
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Lavender (Bulgarian, wild, high altitude)

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Common Name: Lavender

Botanical Name: Lavendula angustifolia Mill. (L. officinalis Chaix) (Compacta cultivar)

Size: 10 ml

Parts Used: wild grown flowering tops

Processing: Steam distilled

Origin: Bulgaria

Main Chemical Type: Monoterpenol Ester

Common Uses: Lavender is used for everything from burns and skin issues, to relaxation and insomnia. A Swiss army knife of essential oils.

Special Notes: High altitude, Bulgarian Lavender oil has a unique, amazing, strongly herbal aroma that is packed full of aromatherapy benefits. High altitude Lavenders are typically preferable due to the higher ester content compared to that of Lavenders cultivated at lower altitudes. Those of you that love a strong lavender, this is for you!