Lavandin Grosso
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Lavandin Grosso

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Common Name: Lavandin Grosso

Botanical Name: Lavandula x hybrida Rev. (L. angustifolia Miller x L. latifolia Medikus)

Size: 10ml

Parts Used: organic flowering tops

Processing: Steam distilled

Origin: France

Main Chemical Type: Monoterpenol

Special Notes: Not the lavender you grab for insomnia, but rather the one you keep in your first aid kit for wounds, pain and injuries.  I always have a spray bottle with this lavender handy for those aches and pains that pop up with my fibromyalgia.  Contains terpineol-4 and linalyl acetate (antiseptic and stimulating).  Notice this is a monoterpenol oil where other lavenders are ester oils.