Juniper Berry
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Juniper Berry

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Common Name: Juniper Berry 

Botanical Name: Juniperus communis

Plant Part: Berries and twigs, wild

Method: Steam distillation

Country of Origin: Russia

Size: 10ml.

Notes: Fresh, clean with strong balsamic and sweet pine notes.  Excellent for lymphatic system and circulatory issues.

GC/MS: 45.29% a-Pinene, 7.42% b-Pinene, 3.05% Myrcene, 7.03% Limonene, 2.21% Linalool, 4.55% Terpinen-4-ol, 3% a-Terpineol, 2.57% a-Terpinyl acetate, 2.86% a-Copaene, 2.95% cis-Thujopsene, 2.56% Cedrol with over 50 others under 2%.  Full report available upon request.