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Common Name: Inula (flowering aster)

Botanical Name: Inula graveolens

Origin: Corsica

Parts: Flowering Herb

Method: Steam distilled

Class: Monoterpenol

Size: 1ml

Notes: One of the strongest (if not the strongest) oil available for respiratory support, Inula is well known amongst aromatherapists as an excellent mucolytic.  It is very useful for loosening bronchial congestion and relieving bronchial asthma, asthma and chronic lung infections.  Some experts claim it to be a powerful immune stimulant and cite it in supportive treatments for HIV/AIDS.  We all know someone who has or has had that awful dry cough that just never goes away.  This is the oil to grab for that!  It's incredible antibacterial properties make it perfect for infections especially in the respiratory system.  Some claim it has great uses for the lymph system and drainage, but we would suggest other, less expensive oils for that first.  Some recent research shows this oil to be effective against staph as well.

When other sinus and respiratory blends just aren't quite enough, reach for Inula.  We've added it to our Breathe products when they need an extra kick.  If you have the breathe spray, simply pour this 1ml of oil right into the spray.  If you have the Breathe roll-on, pop the top and add a few drops.  You can even open up your bottle of Breathe essential oil and add this directly to it.  Talk about an excellent blend for diffusing!  

A little goes a long way, and inhalation is the best way for this oil to do its job.  

WARNING: A close cousin, Inula helenium, is NOT the same as this oil.  Inula helenium comes with multiple safety issues, so it is important NOT to confuse the two.  Inula graveolens comes with no safety warnings, though because research is limited, use with care around infants and small children (perhaps try green myrtle first).  There is no research on its effects during pregnancy.  Always use oils with caution and treat them with the same respect you would medicine.

GCMS available upon request.