Grapefruit (pink)
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Grapefruit (pink)

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Common Name: Pink Grapefruit

Botanical Name: Citrus paradisii Macfayden

Size: 10ml

Parts Used: organic peel

Processing: cold pressed

Origin: USA

Main Chemical Type: Monoterpene

Common Uses: Uplifting and invigorating.  Makes a fabulous toner and astringent, working as a skin conditioner, bringing oily and dry skin back into balance.  When added to shampoo it can help balance oily and dry skin while leaving hair shiny and lustrous.  Helps with self esteem and eating disorders.  Helps with appetite control.  Has anti-cellulite properties, stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins. Inhale to help with cravings - food, drug and cigarette. 

Special Notes: 94% Limonene, 2.5% Myrcene