Fir, White (Silver)
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Fir, White (Silver)

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Common Name: White Fir, Silver Fir

Botanical Name: Abies alba

Country of origin: Austria

Plant part: needles, wild

Size: 10ml

Notes: Sweet and balsamic aroma. When I inhale it, I feel an immediate release of emotion. Everyone around here when they smell it, grab the bottle with an 'oh my gosh'! If you enjoy the conifer oils, then this is one to add to your collection. A lovely treat!

GCMS: 6.89% a-Pinene, 7.72% Camphene, 7.79% b-Pinene, 7.78% 3-Carene, 33.51% Limonene, 2.79% b-Phellandrene, 10.56% Bornyl acetate, 2.92% a-Terpinyl acetate, 2.7% a-Copaene, 2.03% b-Himachalene plus all others under 2%. Full reports available upon request.