Eucalyptus Radiata
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Eucalyptus Radiata

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Common Name: Eucalyptus

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Radiata

Size: 10ml

Parts Used: Leaves

Processing: Steam distilled

Origin: Australia

Primary Chemical Type: Ketone

Eucalyptus radiata oil, also known as Eucalyptus Australiana, shares a common cineole aroma with other Eucalyptus oils, however, analytically it's more unique. The primary difference is the presence of the constituent, piperitone, which is also found in Peppermint. Other than that, the aroma is quiet similar to Eucalyptus globulus but, because it has piperitone, this variety of Eucalyptus would blends, or oils, with a more minty aroma. For a soap maker, this detail may well make the difference between an average soap and a great soap.