Blue Tansy
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Blue Tansy

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Common Name: Blue Tansy

Botanical Name: Tanaetum annuum

Origin: Morocco

Size: 1ml

Method: Steam distilled

Part: Flowering tops

Class: Ketone

Blue Tansy is well known for its anti-histaminic/anti-allergen properties, as well as its usefullness with skin issues. Applying it to the solar plexus may aid with asthma, allergies and emphysema. Combined it with helichrysum and you have a powerful healing tool for damaged skin (sunburn, injury, radiation etc). It is used for asthma crisis, as well as eczema and dermatitis. This is an oil to dilute to less than 5%. It truely is a case of 'less is more' for this oil. We have had people purchase our Helichrysum roll on and add a few drops of blue tansy to it and use if for skin issues. We also include it in our 'Blue Goo' which has become a favorite of eczema sufferers.