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 Common Name: Birch - Adirondack

Botanical Name: Betula lenta L., fam. Betulaceae

Size: 10ml

Parts Used: Bark

Processing: Steam distilled after macerating and soaking.

Origin: Canada

Primary Chemical Type: Salicylate Ester

Special Notes: We've never carried or worked with birch up until now, because there just aren't any suppliers that take the proper steps to ensure therapeutic quality distillation.  This birch comes from a small, family owned distillery where they macerate the bark and soak it in warm water for at least 12 hours.  Very labor and time intensive.  It is much more complex than the 'commercial' birch widely available.  Those who need to avoid aspirin should avoid this oil.  Otherwise, dilute it to 1-2% and use as a rub for all types of pain.