4oz Crystal & Soy Candles
Alma Naturals Idaho

4oz Crystal & Soy Candles

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Wonderfully natural soy wax meets phthalate free fragrance and dances with genuine crystals. We sprinkle a smattering of crystal chips on the top layer of each candle. When finished with the candle, these can be washed and saved.

Available in the following options:

Apple Harvest with Carnelian (Vitality, Motivation, Creativity, Courage)

Frosted Juniper with Aventurine (Comfort, Harmony, Luck, Success)

White Birch with Black Tourmaline (Protect, Purify, Cleanse, Grounding)

Vanilla Coconut with Citrine (Motivate, Creativity, Revitalize, Balance)

Cotton Tree with Clear Quartz (Cleanse, Amplify, Protect, Soothe)

Grapefruit Lily with Rose Quartz (Love, Trust, Harmony, Friendship)