Myrtle Essential Oil

Common Name: Myrtle, green

Botanical Name: Myrtus communis

Size: 10ml

Parts Used: organic leaves & fruit

Processing: Steam distilled

Origin: Morocco

Common Uses: Respiratory (asthma esp. in children), addiction recovery (smoking etc), emotionally cleansing, astringent for oily skin and acne - skin balancing. Calming.  Combine with cypress for hemorrhoids, candida.  Sore throats & coughs.

Special Notes: Gentle, non-irritating.  Possibly toxic in high concentrations, avoid during pregnancy.

GCMS: 22.29%, a-Pinene, 9.85% Limonene, 34% 1,8-Cineol, 4.01% Linalool, 4.06% a-Terpineol, 16.47% Myrtenyl acetate, 2.96% Geranyl acetate with all others under 1%.  Full report available upon request.