Giant Arborvitae (Tree of Life)

Botanical Name: Thuja Plicata

Part: Wood

Method: Steam Distilled (stainless steel)

Country: Canada

Class: Sesquiterpenol

Size: 5ml

Notes: This comes from a sustainable source in Canada.  Prettier and far more refined than other cedarwood oils and worth the extra cost. Stainless steel distillation gives this oil a lighter color.

GC/MS: 1.27% 1,4 Cineol, 1.03% p-Cymene, 1.18% p-Cymenene, 1.40% Terpinen-4-ol, 1.85% a-Terpineol, 4.49% methyl-Myrtenate, 59.24% Methyl thujate, 1.84% Thujic acid, 1.93% Thujic acid isomer, and over 50 others at under 1%.  Full report available upon request.