Cannabis (hemp)
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Cannabis (hemp)

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Species: Cannabis sativa

Part: Herb

Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: Canada

Class: Sesquiterpene

Size: 5ml

Notes: Relax, there is no THC in this.  The aroma is strong, earthy and almost harsh that evolves into milder herbal middle notes with earthy-green mellowing to become earthy, peppery faintly sweet lower notes. Dilute this oil to 2-3% - you'll be amazed at how effective it is!  It's high myrcene content makes this oil stand out among the best.  Excellent properties such as antispasmodic and analgesic make this great for pain blends.  We've used it successfully for chronic persistent coughs, nerve spasms and pain and just about any other pain you can think of.  We haven't found anything it doesn't help with!  We find this oil to be so spectacular that we've even created a version of our PAIN products with this oil added to it.  We can barely keep it in stock!  We sell it as fast as we can make!

There are a few other suppliers out there offering cannabis essential oil at cheaper prices, but we haven't found other distillers to be producing the same quality of oil as the one we are buying from.  It far surpasses every other cannabis oil we've tested.

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