Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Botanical Name - Tanacetum annuum.

Plant Part - Leaves and Flowers.

Extraction Method - Steam Distilled.

Country of Origin – Morocco.

Color - Blue liquid.

Description - Tanacetum annuum produces leaves and flowers, from which the Tansy Blue Essential Oil is extracted through high pressure, low heat steam extraction. Consistency – Thick. Strength of Aroma – Medium. Aromatic Scent - Tansy Blue Essential Oil has a surprisingly sweet scent making it perfect for applications in skin care products and skin therapies.

Common Uses - Blue Tansy – like all of the blue essential oils containing the active azulene – is best known for its skin care properties and as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has also been credited by aroma therapists as being an antihistamine and antispasmodic. It is believed to induce relaxation, reduce nervous tension and stress, and be beneficial for allergies. It does the latter by being a stimulant for the thymus gland.

History - Tansy Blue Essential Oil is also known as (true) Moroccan Chamomile, although another species grown in Morocco, Ormensis multicaulis, is loosely called Moroccan Chamomile.

Cautions - Tansy Blue Essential Oil is generally non-irritating and non-toxic. Nonetheless, the preferred mode of use is external. It seems to display its strongest effects if its maximum concentration in a blend does not exceed 5%.

5 ml