Soy Wax Melts

I love my candle warmer, but so many times I would get headaches, so my warmers ended up at the bottom of a closet. NO MORE! Now they are happily melting wonderful scenty goodness! We use only 100% soy for our wax, which also makes a great moisturizer! Our fragrances are top quality, phthalate free scents. Trust me, if the scents dont bother me when Im making a large batch of these, then they definately wont bother you :) No more polluting the air with parafin and chemicals! Give these a try... You'll be happy you did! Each container comes with 6 big squares, although we personally cut the squares in half for our homes :) You can even use the melted wax as a moisturizer so nothing is wasted!

*Plus when you buy 5 we will throw in a 6th for free!  We will chose a scent for you so get ready to be excited!

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